Morning Never Comes

Candace Leca x Michael Paglia

Sweet Poison


What if I Don’t

David James

Best Adventure

Leaving Thomas

Chasing the Light

Sam Roberts Band (Youth Banda Remix)

Waiting Kind of Girl

Leaving Thomas

Same Sea


Get While The Gettin’ Good

Bobby Wills


David James

What We Weren’t Looking For

David James

THE DARCYS - Virtual Reality [Produced, Edited, VFX]
SAM ROBERT BAND - If You Want It [Produced, Edited, VFX]
SAM ROBERT BAND - We're All In This Together Remix [Produced, Directed, Edited, VFX + Design]
SUCH SMALL CREATURES - When The Time Is Right [Produced, Directed, Edited, VFX]
CANDACE LECA x MICHAEL PAGLIA - Morning Never Comes [Produced, Edited, VFX]
DRAGONETTE - Sweet Poison [Edited, VFX]
DAVID JAMES - What If I Don't [Produced, Directed, Edited]
LEAVING THOMAS - Best Adventure [Produced, Directed, Edited]
SAM ROBERTS BAND - Chasing The Light Remix [Produced, Directed Edited, VFX]
LEAVING THOMAS - Waiting Kind of Girl [Produced, Directed, Edited]
LIGHTS - Same Sea [VFX]
BOBBY WILLS - Get While the Gettin' Good [Produced, Directed, Edited]
DAVID JAMES - Later [Produced, Directed, Edited]
DAVID JAMES - What We Weren't Looking For [VFX]