We were approached to tackle a series of entirely animated abstract videos for Sam Roberts Band, for the release of their new album ‘Lo-Fantasy’. The videos we’re for the Andrew Weatherall Remix version of ‘We’re All In This Together’ and were eventually used as part of the stage visualizations on the corresponding tour.


Co-Director //  3D Modelling & Animation // Compositing // Edit
Travis Laidlaw

Amit Dabrai

3D Modelling & Animation
Justin J Chambers

Sam Roberts Band
Ethereum Films


Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_3 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_4 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_5 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_6 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_7 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_8 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_9 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_10 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_11 Sam_Roberts_Band_WAITT_Remix_1



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